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Fr. Joy Ettuveettil
Sr. Rose Mitty
Mr. George Puthussery
The Urgent Needs
  1. Financial assistance for the running cost.
  2. Financial assistance to build a Biogas plant which can produce gas 5-6 hours with 2 Burners.
  3. A solar electricity generator system to light up the whole house.
  4. A vehicle for the boys to transport to the school and elsewhere.
  5. We need proper beds and mattresses.
  6. We need fresh and new clothing for the boys.
  7. The kitchen needs to be well done up.
  8. We need good sanitation and better bathroom facilities.
  9. We need a big spacious building dismantling the old part of the building
  10. Since most of the children are very hyper active and need lot of space to run around, to play and shout, we need urgently a play ground for the boys
We are giving a breakdown of the total running cost:
Food/month 50 x 30 – 1500 x 30 days  = 45000/- x 12 540000/-
Medicine 4000 x 12 48000/-
Cloths (Uniform) 30 x 1000 30000/-
Travelling 5000 x 12 60000/-
Electricity 2000 x 12 24000/-
Water 1000 x 12 12000/-
Phone 2500 x 12 30000/-
Maintenance 4000 x 12 48000/-
School fees, Books & Bags 5000 x 12 60000/-
Salary Cook 6500} X 12 270000/-
Clerk 4500}
Helper 4000}
Warden 5000}
Part-time Accountant 2500}
We hope the breakdown of the running cost may be sufficient to satisfy your queries. Kindly help us to meet these expenses along with the realization of the other urgent needs. We hope and pray god bless you all and keep you in good health and hope to find you here in Snehakoodu at the earliest