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Fr. Joy Ettuveettil
Sr. Rose Mitty
Mr. George Puthussery
About Snehakoodu
Snehakoodu, a home for the homeless is a personal initiative of Fr. Joy, Ettuveettil for the destitute and homeless. The foremost priority of this initiative was to work for the poor and homeless boys between 5-18 years of age who exhibit a very deviant violent ways and is in conflict with the laws of the civil society. After receiving official approval from the concerned authorities, Snehakood started its venture in a rented house near Vyttila, a small but fast upcoming booming business locality of Ernakulam. Though the permission was granted by the superiors, no financial support was extended to this home.
In the initial stages we hardly had any inmates and furniture. From the first day itself people donated food and other necessary materials. On the third day, from the railway station, came the first boy who happened to hear about Snehakoodu. At that time it was known as Praemshore, where Fr joy was living all alone. As days passed the number of inmates started increasing. These boys came from different backgrounds, such as children who had no parents, children with single parents who got no care and those children who were loitering in this city and the streets were absorbed in to this home. When the number of children reached up to six the house owner insisted that we finding some other place for the stay. Anyway on the first day of the last month of the rent period, a man Mr. Mathew came in the morning to give us a surprising offer that his house that was a Govt. Employment Exchange at that time, would be given to us free of rent. We took the offer and shifted our residence and later after a year he handed over the property to Snehakoodu. Snehakoodu was registered as a charitable trust by then.
The three trustees are:
(1) Fr. Joy Ettuveettil as Managing Trustee
(2) Sr. Rose Mitty as secretary and
(3) Mr. George Puthussery as treasurer
The trust has got 12 A and 80 G tax exemption facilities. We have also registered with orphanage control board and got licence to look after 25 children at a time and also 25 abandoned aged people, in Aluva. At present two elderly people are residing in the old age home. Child welfare committee is regularly giving us custody of child labourers mostly from the North Indian state like Bihar, Bengal and Assam who are rescued from the plywood factories, hotels, and brick making fields etc. We are also running a home only for the child labour rehabilitation at kariadu near Angamaly. When we take custody of the child we try to contact the family and find their whereabouts and reinstate them back in their family, we are also looking after children who have finished school studies and who want to go in to the main stream society. Right now we have eight grown up boys who have finished schooling and waiting to be reintegrated in to the main stream society.